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Entertainment Research connects with Australians regularly through both online and telephone surveys to understand their opinions on a range of topics like entertainment, media, news, general interest, brands and product/services.

We partner with a broad cross-section of organisations to provide actionable insights into the culture and behaviours of Australians across a range of ages, geographies and lifestyles. 



About Us


Entertainment Research was established in 2000 and has quickly gained a reputation as a trusted source for reliable market and consumer research allowing clients and wider industries to make informed decisions based on credible and accurate data collection methods.

By using innovative techniques in its analysis, Entertainment Research turns big data into meaningful insights that are presented in a clear and concise format designed to improve our client’s competitive edge.


Data Acquisition


By combining traditional data collection techniques through its Computer Assisted Telephone Interviewing (CATI) with modern Online Community platforms, Entertainment Research is capable of obtaining samples from the smallest of Australia’s regional markets to the larger Metropolitan markets throughout Australia. Entertainment Research is confident in its ability to achieve credible sample sizing to inform accurate decision making for our valued clients.





Entertainment Research uses a variety of engagement methods within each collection platform; whether it be a formal standardized questionnaire or casual conversation through our CATI team. Entertainment Research is proud of its ability to generate time efficient campaigns whist maintaining the highest level of data integrity. 





Xtra Research is the official radio industry supplier of all Regional Radio surveys in Australia. Since forming a partnership with Xtra Insights in 2007, Entertainment Research provide the telephone field work to collect the data for surveys conducted throughout the year. The Regional Radio survey methodology adheres to strict guidelines set out by the industry body Commercial Radio Australia Ltd, and as such is one of only a few facilities that have been approved to conduct these industry surveys.

Three years ago Entertainment Research was also commissioned to conduct the telephone field work for one of Australia’s largest and most referred to Audio research projects, the Infinite Dial. Infinite Dial is a study conducted in the USA, Canada and Australia by one of the US’s most respected research companies, Edison Research.  


Our Commitment


Entertainment Research is committed to quality assurance for our clients and so, has been independently audited and has been determined that research calls are made with no telemarketing noted in accordance with the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) and its Telemarketing and Research Calls Industry Standard 2007. 


Entertainment Research is committed to:
•    Obtaining and presenting accurate and quality data
•    Continuous improvement in all facets of our business ensuring quality customer care and satisfaction 
•    Investigating fresh and innovative techniques that will evolve our business offering
•    To respect the confidentiality of any/all personal information obtained in accordance with relevant legislation


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