Dating for dummies – your guide to the meet and greet

It’s the season of barbecues and Sunday sessions. Women are back in the spray tan booth and men are dusting off the gym memberships after a winter’s hibernation of track pants and Netflix. Summer is the time to reconnect with society – and each other. It’s our Aussie culture to enjoy a few brewskis when we socialise, so gentlemen looking to impress the ladies would do well to know that buying a drink will score you conversation time with over half of all single ladies (and 1 in 5 married or taken ladies) according to our 2016 ‘bloke study 2.0’. Vodka and white wine are the drink of choice when ordering at the bar; although it pays to have your wallet handy gents, because 10% of women also enjoy a good cocktail.

Ladies, you’ve accepted the vodka lime and soda, and now you’ve got to figure out if he’s worth hanging around for a second drink. You’ve got your rescue signal down pat for the group of girlfriends watching from a nearby table. One wrong move, one Jimmy Barnes impersonation and a pull of your left ear lobe sends the ‘bat signal’ for your crew to swoop in and save you from your disaster date.

So what are you looking for? Over a third of bloke study survey participants told us a sense of humour and honesty were top of the desired attributes list, while 1 in 5 also believe being kind is important too. If he’s making you laugh and the conversation’s flowing, you might just be onto a good thing. If you’re like the 60% of women surveyed who use Facebook religiously – a quick trip to the bathroom for a background check of his social media profile should give you all the information you need to determine whether it’ll be a second round of drinks, or an emergency call from your great aunt Betty to get home and feed her cats.

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