How would you spend your last day on Earth. The results are in!

Picture this. You’re minding your own business, living life and Instagramming your meals, when you’re told to prepare for your last day Earth-side. You haven’t thought much about this day until now because, if we’re honest, few among us get a heads up on our expiration date before it rolls around.

What if you could have a heads up? How would you spend your last day? We asked you the curly question and you responded, giving us some cracking ideas. From sipping cocktails on a beach in Hawaii to partying with your friends and family in Disneyland, it sounds like many of you know how to plan a good time.

Here are your most popular activity choices for a hypothetical last day on Earth:

  • Go to a concert. AC/DC, KISS, Coldplay and Taylor Swift are your popular musicians of choice.
  • Visit Disneyland. Remember to travel light – and while we’re wishing for stuff, can we have no ride queues or vomiting afterwards too?
  • Lay on a beach sipping cocktails. Make it a double and keep ‘em coming. After all, we’re not worried about the hangover or sunburn on our last day, are we?
  • Go see a favourite sports team play in our favourite stadium, because there’s nothing like the excitement of a good game and the electric atmosphere of a roaring crowd to end our time on a high.
  • Travel to an iconic city and take in the sights. Want to maximise the last hit of adventure? Travel first class and take the red eye. There’s no time for sleep in your last 24 hours!
  • Eat your favourite food at a renowned restaurant. Hot tip #1 – come prepared to indulge, wearing your elastic-waisted pants and loose fitting top. Stamina and comfort are key when enjoying our last meal.

What was the most popular ‘last day’ activity of choice? Spending it with family and friends.

Hugging it out and hanging out with our loved ones is the most desired way to spend our last day here; and you know what’s great about that? We don’t need to wait for our last 24 hours to tick that one off our bucket list. So what are you waiting for?

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