Pub Debate Series: Which drink are you?

It’s a question asked at many man-gatherings in pubs all across our great nation. It’s up there with favourite sports teams, Holden or Ford, Scarlett Johansson or Jennifer Hawkins (Scarlett Johansson wins hands down, you recently told us, FYI.)

It’s insight that reveals a lot about the guys you’re in a drinks-round with. The question? If you were a drink, which drink would describe you best? Well hold onto your glasses, because we’ve done the homework for you and the results are in:

30% of you identify with the iconic Australian brew – beer. Whether it’s premium with a fancy label and frosted glass, or straight out of the can from your mate’s esky, this is still the drink most Aussie men say describes them best.

23% of men consider themselves a whisky or bourbon man. Smooth, popular and ageing well, we’re not surprised this was a common choice.

15% of you identify as a soft drink, with most noting Coca-Cola as most like you. Is it the unique caffeine fizz or the mixer versatility? One guy told us he fancies himself a Vanilla Coke man. Now there’s a bloke we want to get to know.

Drinks personality outliers in our recent survey include cordial, chocolate milkshakes, Milo and wheatgrass shots. These guys would definitely be an interesting mix of personalities around the pub table.

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